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Advent Thoughts - 2009

Advent Thoughts from Our Members
Wisdom for/from each other as we prepare to celebrate the Lord's coming.

A Reflection on the Gospel for Nov 27, 2009
"How near … this kingdom?"

...for They Shall Be Comforted
"We, as parents, spouses, siblings of prodigals,
can also "be comforted" in our mourning."

The Advancing Dawn
"If nature must take time to renew herself,
how much more do we humans need such time."

Advent Thoughts from the Holy Fathers
Excerpts from Their Angelus Messages during Advent

Be a Sheep
A lamb in the arms of the shepherd, doesn’t see the wolves, but only sees the shepherd’s face.

For all you St. Monicas
When we pray for our prodigal Catholics, we are also building."

“He who made the stars...
"Let us with Faith, trust Him in all things."

A Saint for Advent
"Let our greatest gift be our helping to bring light to the path back to Jesus and His Church so that those we love will find the way."

Patience, People
"We are reminded that we are a people who are waiting."