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Why This Color?


The first question my husband asked me when I asked him to review this new section of the web site was, "Why the color change? Why not Advent purple?"

I realize that the usual color for Advent is purple--the color signifying royalty to remind us that the king is coming. There is another color that is sometimes used in the Church to represent Advent.  It is called "midnight blue" to signify the color of the sky just after midnight, right before Jesus was born.

Many years ago (probably about 28), Bob's job had taken him to a new part of the country.  We were several hundred miles from friends and family. Even though we were busy with our young children, we were lonesome and lonely.  We only lived there a short time, but during that time in our "desert" we found the Lord in beautiful, life-changing ways that have sustained us to this day.

That was also the only time in my life that I wrote music.  I am not a skilled musician.  I play a mediocre piano.  But during that time in the proverbial wilderness, I found myself writing poems with a religious theme and setting them to simple melodies.  I am not a singer, but a friend of mine did sing them on tape for me.  For all these years, only my family ever heard them.  Then, a few years ago, as I prayed for a prodigal son, I found those songs to be expressing my feelings.  Those who have the MMG Rosary Novena CD have heard one of them "Touch My Children", which plays at the end of each CD.

There is another song that we have used a couple of times at Silent Strength presentations when we have musicians and vocalists who have agreed to lead it.  The title is "Midnight Blue" and the lyrics explain the reason for the color chosen for this Advent Thoughts page.

Midnight Blue
                                                                               Copyright, 2009 MaryAnn Gardner.
                                                      All rights Reserved.

Once upon a time people wandered alone.
They were tired and discouraged, Hope seemed to be gone.
Then one night the sky was in its darkest time.
It was just around midnight when they saw the light shine.
A baby was born. Angels sang His song.
The darkness was shattered. The light was restored.


When the sky was colored midnight, midnight blue,
God showed His power and Hope was renewed.
The heavens were opened. The light broke through,
When the sky was colored midnight, midnight blue.

Verse 2

When they tried to kill Love when He died on a tree,
His people were broken and fear was set free.
Through the long dark night they wandered afraid.
Hope once more was hidden as He lay in the grave.
But, after the darkness, morning arrived.
Death had been conquered, for He was alive!

Verse 3
When your life gets troubled, fear clutches your heart,
Strife overwhelms you, joy seems to depart.
If friends have all left you, no peace can be found,
Look up to the sky, know the Lordís still around.
If life seems its darkest hereís what you should do:
Prepare for the light, for the skyís midnight blue!