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Advent Thoughts-2012

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to celebrate the Lord's coming.

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The 5 R's for Advent - submitted by Joyce

On the first Sunday of Advent, Fr. Scott Wallisch gave a sermon which set out some guidelines for our Advent prayers. Father said the best gift you could give would be a “better you”--and you become better through prayer. Then, he set out his guidelines for how to pray. He said, find a quiet spot away from the rush of the season, say a prayer, focus on one word or thought in the prayer, think about how it applies to you, then sit quietly and just listen. When you have done these steps, take what you have learned and apply it in your life. He called it “his 5 R’s” –

Read – something appropriate
Reflect – pick out a word or phrase and think about it
Respond – in your own words about your reflections
Rest – sit quietly and listen
Resolve – Decide to improve or change according to what you have learned.