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The photographer for this year's Advent caption contest is thirteen year old Michaela, a seventh grader from one of the local Catholic  schools in the Archdiocese of Kansas City in Kansas.  Spend a few moments looking at this interesting picture.  Then, consider:

How does this picture reflect the Advent/Christmas season to you?
Tell us in 30 words or less.  Then, give the picture a short caption.

 Email your entry to 

(Entries will be posted below)
Prizes:  The two top entries (as decided by the office staff) will receive a rosary.
Deadline for Entries:  Midnight, December 23, 2012

Captions submitted by our Members and Visitors

Submitted by Wes
This reflects the Advent/Christmas season to me: The uncertain path leads through apprehensions, fears, loss of stability, loneliness, and dismay; Only by complete Trust and Constant Prayer can we comprehend eternity in this life; Jesus thru Mary!

Caption: Our Path Through Life - Held Fast to His Heart.

Submitted by Jane
This reflects the Advent/Christmas season to me:  Don’t go further on the road of the cross until you have Christmas.  Joy, Peace, Happiness come first so don’t hurry, take your time in life.  The end will come soon enough.
Caption:  First Christmas, then the Cross

Submitted by Mary
This reflects the Advent/Christmas season to me:  Standing at the foot of the Cross, what must have been going through Our Lady's mind as she watched in agony as the prophetic words came to fullfillment "and a sword will pierce your heart."
Embrace your cross as Mary our Mother.

Submitted by Phyllis
This reflects the Advent/Christmas season to me:

Caption: Follow ME

Submitted by Esther
This reflects the Advent/Christmas season to me:  Jesus was born to die - - for ALL of us, every person in the world. I see a crown of thorns at the junction of the cross. I wonder if we are at that junction in the world now? The feet remind me of what Jesus said:  “Let the little children come to me”. With His help we can do that.  Come Lord Jesus, Come!   

Submitted by Betsy
This reflects the Advent/Christmas season to me: Enter Advent in a dark month.  Choose the road to Our Lord.  Passionate prayer adds purple and joyful expectations add pink. Four lit candles of preparation and the Nativity is here!
Caption: Standing at the Crossroads

Submitted by Nancy
This reflects the Advent/Christmas season to me:  First thing you see is a cross and a reminder of four short weeks to prepare our hearts, our minds and our souls for the coming of the Christ Child. 
Caption:    His birth at Christmas leads us to the foot of His Cross!  Halle—lu--jah!